Metabolic Diseases and Cell Signaling Group




Group members

Staff scientists

Tamás Csont, MD PhD, associate professor, institutional “TDK” coordinator

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Csaba Csonka, MD PhD, associate professor

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Márta Sárközy, MD PhD, assistant professor

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Renáta Gáspár, MSc, PhD assistant professor

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Gergő Szűcs MD, PhD

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PhD students


Virág Demján, PharmD, 2nd year

Petra Diószegi MSc, 2nd year

Márton Szabó, MSc, 2nd year

Andrea Sója, MSc, 3rd year



Ilona Ungi

Undergraduate students

Mónika Kovács, 6th year medical student

Zsuzsa Kovács, 6th year medical student

Anna Vincze, 6th year medical student

Vivien Csitkovics, 6th year medical student

Fanni Magdolna Márványkövi, 3rd year medical student

Dóra Halmi, 3rd year medical student


Research interest

In the last few decades, there was an explosive increase in the number of people diagnosed with metabolic diseases including obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and chronic renal failure, worldwide. It is well known that metabolic diseases have adverse effects on the metabolism. Metabolic diseases significantly increase the incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular diseases which are the leading cause of death amongst adults in the Western world. Thus, our research group is interested in the pathomechanisms of metabolic diseases at a molecular level in different organs. Our main focus is on the myocardium and its adaptive mechanisms. Additionally, we are interested in the development of cytoprotective and cardioprotective diagnostic and therapeutic strategies as well.


Techniques available in the lab

Induction and treatment of metabolic disease models (hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure etc.) in experimental animals, assessment of cardiac morphology and function (echocardiography, PV catheter), isolated heart perfusion according to Langendorff and working heart perfusion according to Neely, determination of infarct size, induction and maintenance of cell cultures, viability assays, transfection, general biochemical methods to determinate metabolites, proteins and nucleic acids (Western blot, ELISA, PCR, histochemistry, flow cytometry, spectroscopy etc.).


Research field and PhD thesis proposals


Topics for Student's Research Association (TDK) and MA thesis proposals



Best TDK awards of our students in the last decade

Pro Scientia Gold Medal

Márton Pipicz – 2011

Tímea Szegi – 2011

Tamás Baranyai – 2013


OTDT Presentation Award

Tamás Baranyai – 2013


OTDK Awards:

Zoltán Varga, Csaba Tölgyesi – 2007: Special Award, 2009: 3rd Price

Márta Sárközy – 2009: Special Award, Márta Sárközy, Domitilla Kovács – 2011: Special Award

Márton Pipicz, András Boros, Miklós Nógrády – 2011: 1st Price

Tímea Szegi, Domitilla Kovács – 2011: 1st Price

Tamás Baranyai – 2013: 1st Price

László Kis, Márton Pipicz – 2013: Special Award


Master Teacher Gold Medal of the National Scientific Students' Association

Tamás Csont MD PhD – 2011